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The world of Khoyel-Kem (A.K.A: The door to Nowhere) was created long ago in the ages of Magi.

Khoyel is known as a prison- a place that no one can escape. That’s not really true- as Elerius- lets people fight for their chance to escape by participating in the games.

People that are drawn into Khoyel are the ones traveling through portals. This phenomenon is known as The Pull.

There are few towns in Khoyel- the biggest- CES and CED. The rest: Kelb, Idua Atti, The Rocks, Garpalmagi and a rebel settlement known as Ishama’s.

The Kem is ruled by Elerius- his right hand, the Talon- keeps watching over every town in Khoyel.

There are two religions dominating in Khoyel.

Power of Yorma


Disciples of Fate

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